Wes Markum was featured on CBS19

Flood Out Removal was recently featured on a CBS19 segment about rapid disaster response. View it now.


Water Damage

Flood damage is devastating, and a quick response is essential. We will assess and repair your water damage – fast!


Fire & Smoke Damage

After the fire trucks leave, how you will get your home or business up and running and your life back to normal? Trust our decades of experience.


Dustless Floor Removal

Removing old flooring is messy, time-consuming and labor intensive. However, you can save time, money, and headaches with our revolutionary process.


Carpet Cleaning

 With our state-of-the-art carpet care, we are well positioned to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service available.

Flood Out's History

Flood Out was founded by Wesley G. Markum

Flood Out Restoration logoWhen Wes was very young, his grandmother's house burned down. He remembers the trauma and subsequent relief when her house was rebuilt. Since that day, his desire has been to help people who experience losses due to fire, wind, or water. He knew that owning a restoration company would enable him to do this on a regular basis, helping people in the same situation.

Wes has been involved in the floor covering and restoration business for over 25 years. He has gained significant experience during that time dealing with individual homeowners as well as insurance companies and adjusters.

As the owner of Flood Out Restoration, Wes doesn't just repair the physical property damage caused by fires and floods. The experience also allows him to show care, compassion, and empathy with home or business owners who require his services. He is there immediately after the loss, and hears the owner's desperation and sees their tears of disbelief. He offers much needed support in this difficult time by explaining how he can help get them back to living in the place they call home, in the same condition as before the incident. The excitement for Wes is when the job is complete and he witnesses the homeowners as they see the finished restoration. Often it ends with tears again, but this time they are tears of joy!