Floor Removal King Offers Revolutionary Dustless Floor Removal

New flooring is one of the most attractive and beneficial investments you can make when it comes to beautifying your home. Unfortunately, removing ceramic or Saltillo tile in your home can be a messy and disruptive process if you choose a contractor who uses old fashioned tile removal methods. During the old fashioned removal process, dust can filter into every room of your house including your duct system, electronics, and carpet, which adds additional cleaning costs to your renovation. Dust can also be inhaled, causing breathing problems for you, your family, and any pets in the home.

Thankfully, we provide the solution: dust-free tile removal that is safe, fast, and effective. Our revolutionary process eliminates dust as soon as it’s created. Our tile removal crews, along with our proprietary and specialized equipment can remove ceramic tile up to three times faster with a process that is thousands of times cleaner – virtually dust free. In fact, we guarantee that your home will be as clean, or even cleaner, when we’re finished than when we started.

No other tile removal company can remove tile and thin-set dust free or faster than our trained workmen using our exclusive, specialized equipment and complete patent-pending process.

Removing a tile floor? The choice is clear: Floor Removal King.